I think we broke the planet – again*. Last week at this time it was -15F (aka -26C), or maybe -18F, I don’t remember exactly. Tonight? It’s 58F. 58F (14C) after sunset, on the second to last night of January. This weather is so broken.

No soup and bread tonight. I doesn’t feel enough like winter. And honestly we ate soup about 4 times in the past 8 days when it was below zero.

Instead I’m just frustrated by the weather. I could go on and on about climate change. But I’d just get myself all worked up and flustered. Other people have said it better, with stronger, more persuasive words. If you’re interested in some reading I’d recommend Eaarth, Life on a Tough New Planet. Bill McKibben is a fellow Vermonter and is working hard to educate people about climate change.

Sometimes I feel like I’m doing nothing, but the fact is I’ve made a lot of personal changes already. I hope you have too. I’ve gone beyond compact florescent bulbs and plug bars to kill vampire charges. All my veggies, meat, and half my starches are grown locally. I drive a car that gets 45mpg, but I only drive it as far as the bus stop. No, the bus is not convenient (even if I love the knitting time) but I hope it makes a difference.

The biggest problem with personal changes is they’re personal. What works for me might not work for you. If you live in AZ growing your own veggies might be a horrible mistake environment-wise. But I hope you’ve made some changes too. Certainly not all the same as mine, and that’s fine. It’s a big planet, but it needs all our help.

*not that we broke it again, we’ve just had one big break I’m afraid. Just that I find myself thinking these words again, and again.

One response to “broken

  1. Sally Wilkins (aka Mom)

    None of us can do it all, but each of us can do something.

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