Stripy mittens!

I had a request from a family member* for some stripy mittens in specific colors. My family isn’t demanding and rarely asks for hand knits. And I’m such a softy there’s no way I could possibly say no.

game time 3

Let’s hope they don’t all figure this out at once, because I have a LOT of family… But like all good hand knit requestors they knew exactly what they wanted: colors, size, even which of my patterns would be best!

game time 2

It’s also convenient that no one has asked for large mens’ sweaters**.

game time mittens

These are the largest size of my Play Time mittens. Seriously, how can I resist family when they’re willing to look through my designs and pick a favorite? I can’t. Obviously.

I changed almost nothing about this pattern. I just didn’t make the strings to tie them together (because they’re going to an adult) I even used the same yarn the pattern called for! Valley DK from Webs, it’s superwash so that’s good for gifts. And it’s lovely soft merino, so they feel so nice on your hands. They’re a little too small for me, but that’s ok since they’re not meant for me anyway.

*I’m being obscure on purpose, these are a gift and I’ve given up keeping track of who reads this.

**All the men in my family are large. I don’t know if I will ever be able to bring myself to knit socks for any of them. I’d need about 300yds PER SOCK.


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