do it for the doggies

You know I don’t come to you often with causes asking for money. But this one is important to me. My friend Jenn’s dog needs help.

Jen (as in Jen of Old Post Farm) fosters dogs. Not just one or two though; sometimes she has 10 or more dogs at her place, all waiting for their forever homes.

And she fosters puppies. Not cute, 8 week old puppies that need to be socialized; but pregnant pit bulls and their litters of 8 puppies that all have diarrhea and need to be bottle fed.

Jen has a big heart (and a big, puppy-proof garage). Last year she fostered FIFTY-THREE (that’s 53) dogs all the way to their forever homes. Jen has put her own time and money into caring for other people’s dogs, more specifically dogs that are between people.

But Jack is her own dog, her first dog. He has a blastomycosis infection. Blastomycosis is hard to treat, the outcome isn’t always guaranteed, and it will cost several thousand dollars to treat. Her foster organization helps with the vet bills* for the fosters, but no one is helping her with Jack’s vet bill – except us.

So if you can spare $5 please click through and donate a little to the Save Jack cause. If you can donate more that’s great. Don’t think of it as just helping Jack, think of it as also helping Jen so she can keep helping more and more other dogs find their forever homes too.

Jens Jack

*but just the vet bills. All those fosters? Jen feeds and cleans and buys snacks for them out of her own pocket. 53 dogs eat a lot of food.

3 responses to “do it for the doggies

  1. Wow! Thanks for the post and the links. Jen obviously has a heart of solid gold and I’m more than happy to help her out with Jack’s bills.

  2. Done! And posted to FB so hopefully more will contribute. I don’t even have words for how much it means to me that there are people in the world willing to go to such effort and expense to give a home to the neglected and cast-off dogs in our society – so glad you posted this way for us to give back and help support her own much-loved Jack!

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