mitten interlude

Since I’m not knitting a book design (this very second) I’ve decided to fill a hole in my current winter wardrobe. I only seem to own one pair of mittens. Apparently I loose mittens so fast that if I weren’t knitting them myself other knitters would refuse to make them for me saying I need to learn to take better care of what I have. Luckily I keep knitting mittens for myself out of self-defense. I need those hands frost bite free!


So I’m working up a pair in my favorite shade of green from Bartlett yarns. These mittens are speedy, dense, WARM, and cozy. I know because I made Neil a pair just like this last year. And he doesn’t lose his mittens, so I borrow them when I can’t find mine.

I liked his pair of tree mittens so much I’m not only making a pair for myself. I’ll also be releasing the pattern for them. Hopefully soon! I’m thinking if I don’t release this mitten pattern sometime in February I’ll have missed mitten season for most of the country…

textured mitts

Coming soon!


3 responses to “mitten interlude

  1. Sally Wilkins (aka Mom)

    Obviously, you need to make YOUR mittens with the string to go through your coat sleeves . . . .

  2. They are great! I love that Bartlett Yarn too – very sheepy. :)

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