Sweet potato, corn, pumpkin soup

I totally stole this one from friends on twitter. It just sounds so tasty!

sweet potato corn pumpkin

I made this soup over two days and I took lousy notes, so I really have no recipe. I roasted the pumpkin (squash), sweet potatoes, onions, and garlic in olive oil on tuesday night because I knew I’d be out later than usual wednesday night. This was ideal because I could perfectly slow-roast them until 9:30. When they were done I just threw them in the fridge for later.

The spices are what I didn’t write down, and they’re the base of the stock. Garlic, sage, oregon bay seasoning, country french dressing mix, and some other things I’ve forgotten were all tossed into hot oil. On top of that there’s just water and squash in the broth, no stock of any kind. I added a big spoonful of apple chutney for depth, and because this soup can handle the gentle sweetness of the apples.

The broth is pureed. It’s thinner than a normal squash soup. I did that on purpose. I didn’t want it to be thick and creamy, I just wanted it to be the base for the sweet potatoes, corn, onions, and garlic. I tossed them in once the broth was simmering and it was ready as soon as everything was heated.

I’m surprised I didn’t think to do the prep work the night before sooner than this! The soup was done in 20 minutes flat, including the bit with the immersion blender.

sweet potato corn pumpkin soup

The bread is from a bakery, because I met up with my friend and sample knitter wednesday night for a secret book project hand off. Told you I knew I was going to be out later than usual…


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