photos photos photos

I managed THREE photo shoots this weekend! By far the worst was on Sunday morning. Conveniently I was playing model and photographer so I didn’t destroy any friendships on this one.

sad model is sad

Why do I look so sad? Well it was 6F (that’s -14C) before wind chill. Oh yeah, and the wind was gusting to 30mph! And my MEAN photographer made me go outside without my handknit scarf and hat! Giant meanie.

What you can’t see is that the wind was blowing so hard it made my eyes water, and the tears were freezing on my coat. Oh woe is me…

human light box

Luckily my other two shoots happened indoors. For this one I have arranged a GIANT HUMAN LIGHTBOX in my living room. This works surprisingly well. The sheet hanging from the ceiling keeps my dark living room from absorbing the light. And that door faces due west, so it lets in glorious, natural lighting all afternoon. It means all the joys of an outdoor photo shoot, but with tables and warmth and stuff. Good deal.

The third shot was at the local opera house, gorgeous site, pretty model, and I got to play with the DSLR again. Which means I haven’t seen those photos yet. But they looked awesome on the camera display…


One response to “photos photos photos

  1. This time of year is the pits if you are trying for pretty, spring-like photos, eh? Warmth and stuff tho – VERY good deal. :)

    (LOVE LOVE LOVE the cute tree mittens. They are fantastic.)

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