New mittens!

Yesterday I released my new mittens pattern, meet Pinales:

pinales hold on for dear life

These are the couldn’t-get-any-more-basic wool mittens that get us through the winter here in VT. And by “us” I mean Neil and I each have a pair now!

tree mittens2

I know it’s february and you might be starting to think about spring. But here in VT it is still SOLIDLY winter. As I mentioned it was tears-freezing-on-my-face cold when I took these photos.

And then when I took my mitten off for a few un-modeled shots? That was a really bad idea (poor frozen fingers).

pinales draped

Pinales is latin. It’s the name of the order* that includes all the existing conifers. And now that you’ve had your science lesson for the day – don’t forget to favorite and queue Pinales on Ravelry!

pinales mitts and trees

*Remember Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order? Except these days they’ve started including Domain up above Kingdom. Science is constantly changing – keep up!


2 responses to “New mittens!

  1. Sally Wilkins (aka Mom)

    So now it’s a question? “Do Kind People Come Over . . .?”

  2. I love how the embroidery changes them – what a great twist to show the shape.

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