chicken noodle, again

I’ve done this once already for a soup and bread post. Honestly I’m surprised we’re only up to 2 times. Chicken noodle, or chicken and rice, are the obvious answers to leftover chicken in the fridge.

I wish soup and bread were more photogenic. Or that I had actual daylight to work with. Because this post is gonna be boring. No recipe, no good photos. I mean look!

chicken noodle soup again

I even threw a book swatch into the photo and it adds neither interest nor color. Sorry folks.

Don’t get the wrong idea. The soup itself is delicious! I used sage, tarragon, and shallots in the broth. But that doesn’t actually make it look fancy, it just tastes fancy.

But wait! Before you go, would you mind measuring the hands of the men and children in your life, and adding them to the spreadsheet? I’m trying to balance out my survey.

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