project bags

I’m working on some project bags for Mirim Felton’s project bag swap! If you can sew you should totally join. You just need to get the bags to her by March 15th (I know, I know, I’m running behind on everything these days)

scrap happy cat

Behind on everything, including my sewing. But I’m on top of this, I swear! I’ve picked my fabrics, they’ve been kitty tested (yeah, I might have to wash them again to get the cat hair off before sewing) And as soon as I have some zippers I’m all over this.

I’m considering box bags and pyramid pouches. My crazy hope is to sew two of each, so I can swap one and keep one in each shape. That’s totally reasonable, right? I mean look at the pyramid tutorial. Seems simple enough… (famous last words, especially coming from someone who’s fabric stash is currently a cat bed)


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