more sewing

Ok ok, this is not another project bag post, although it probably ought to be… This is an apron I sewed last weekend (I think) but didn’t get any pictures right away.

I started with this awesome embroidered fabric, and a plan. This fabric was originally a pair of wrap around pants (yeah yeah)

apron fabric

I wasn’t wearing them, but I couldn’t give them away because of a nasty tear in one corner (from where they got caught in a bike chain. NOTE TO YOUNGER SELF: don’t wear weird, flowy pants and try to ride a bike) and I couldn’t throw them away because of the cool embroidery!

apron pins closeup

So I dissected them. One leg panel became the lower skirt. The other leg panel became the upper bib, the waistband, and the ties. I felt very clever as I figured out how to assemble the whole thing with no exposed seams. The waistband is doubled up. The straps are tubes, and the seams are all either rolled, or from the original pants.

apron new

I think the apron came out pretty well! Now I have a constant urge to bake things, so that’s a pretty cool side effect too. I’m really proud of how much embroidery I salvaged, it’s even incorporated into the ties

apron ties

When I made this Neil commented how cool it was, because he didn’t realize you could just sew an apron. Yeah, I think maybe I’ve been letting the sewing machine languish too long… So onto project bags with me!

3 responses to “more sewing

  1. I think I inherited a similar pair of pants..hmmmm…..

  2. The apron is so beautiful! How smart to repurpose those (silly) pants! You’re making me think about my sewing machine….wonder where that sucker is? Oh I know! Under that pile of junk that practically reaches the ceiling in the library/catroom/computer room/yarnstashroom. Even the name of the room is full of junk!

    • I simply call it the “craft room” so far I’ve managed to keep my sewing machine accessible, but the ball winder and swift are taking up significant real estate on the same table…

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