More mitts!

These are my Doric mitts – these basic little mitts have been in the planning stages just about forever. The concept came to me when I was swatching with some really lovely, multicolored malabrigo. I wanted to make mitts (I always want to make mitts) but the multicolored yarn was not cooperating with any stitch patterns.

doric snack time trio

We’ve all been there, right? Hand painted yarn looks so pretty in the skein and it’s so hard to find the right project. My Doric mitts take advantage of how well reverse stockinette blends colors. The twisted stitch columns break up the fabric adding visual and knitterly interest. I especially like how one column runs right up the thumb.

doric kids checkers2

When Malabrigo offered Doric a spot in their quickie program I decided to offer this pattern sized for the whole family! That gave me a chance to show samples in colorways for everyone. Because these mitts are designed for two reasons: to make the knitter feel clever, and to show off awesome yarn!

doric womens cards

And the clever part? The whole mitt is knit stockinette side out. Because if you’re like me, you don’t want to purl in the round that much. See? Clever use of multi colored yarn combined with clever knitting techniques. Perfect AND pretty!

You can see more photos and pattern details on the pattern page here, or on ravelry.

4 responses to “More mitts!

  1. So funny you said that about the purling – as I was reading I was thinking, “I wonder if I could knit these wrong-side-out?” Way to anticipate us lazy knitters! (And I love that the pattern makes the most of gorgeous but often difficult to use handpaints.)

  2. On a completely unrelated note – any idea what happened to Tangled? I tried popping over there a few weeks ago and noticed the domain was up for grabs – I hoped it was a temporary glitch or something but it’s still showing as “up for sale.” I figure somebody out there must know something – did they shut down?

  3. No, no, your link just reminded me – I had them bookmarked at and had no idea they’d moved. So glad you told me!

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