It’s not spring yet. You can tell just by looking at my hillside.

wintry hillside

But the little birds in the trees are starting to sing their spring songs. And you know which other birds can tell spring is coming?

too many eggs

The chickens. I’m drowning in eggs. And since it’s (almost) spring we’re also starting to hear the neighbors making maple syrup. I decided to combine these two things, and make maple meringues.


I didn’t know how the extra liquid from the maple would affect the meringues, so I only did half maple and half plain sugar. They’re delicious. But you can’t taste the maple at all (stupid fancy grade syrup). I’m going to try again, next time with more syrup, and I’ll use the good Grade B stuff. I’ll be sure to report back!


4 responses to “Spring?

  1. Spring – she comes slowly to Vermont, eh? I actually need some syrup – do your neighbors have a website?

  2. Maple meringues – sounds amazing!! Definitely prefer the grade B stuff :)

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