my grandmother’s scissors

These would be more accurately titled my great grandmother’s pinking shears, but my grandmother’s scissors sounds nicer, you know?

I’ve been going down to my parent’s house to help mom declutter for awhile now. They have the old yankee “don’t throw that away, it might be useful” thing going on and sometimes this means quite a bit that just needs to be thrown away.

grandmothers scissors

And sometimes we unearth AWESOME things. And I get to help declutter her house by bringing things home to my house. Along with the shears I’ve rescued some thread scissors for my craft room. My kitchen got some lovely biscuit and cookie cutters (with HANDLES! You don’t see cutters with nice wooden handles anymore) a whole collection of custard cups, and several wire bale jars.

I won’t use the wire bale jars for canning, but I love to use them to store the open bits of pasta, rice, barley, etc… They’re great for keeping out mealy moths (or keeping them in, since sometimes the eggs come with your purchase – yippie?) Not to mention my whole pantry looks pretty with everything in jars.

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