project bags!

Yesterday my project bags went into the mail. I made 1 box bag and 1 pyramid bag. The box bag went exactly like this tutorial shows:

box bag zipper box bag corners box bag hand stitching

zipper first, then corners, a little hand stitching and…

finished box bag

Box Bag!

For the pyramid bag I started with this tutorial. But I made a few changes. I cut my fabric in a 10×20″ rectangle, this gives a more symmetrical pyramid. I like symmetricalality (quiet, that’s totally a word)

I was working from stash, so I quilted* two pieces of fabric together with a bit of cotton batting in the middle. But I stopped about 1″ from the zipper edge. That way I could fold those edges in, stick the zipper between the two layers, and sew it all together. Voila! Lined pyramid bag.

pyramid bag finished

I used some sweet little french seams at the top and bottom to keep those nicely finished as well.

pyramid bag lined

Final details: pyramid bag is ~8″ tall, box bag is ~7″ long. Both are made with scraps of quilters cotton I had lying around, lined with quilters cotton AND layered with cotton batting (I never use the iron on interfacing. I have no good reason, I just don’t) So they’re 100% cotton, machine washable, and each should hold a sock or a small shawl project. Wheee!

project bags

These two little beauties went in the mail, off to their new homes. I can’t wait to see what comes back in exchange!

*if by “quilted” you understand I mean I ran some diagonal stitching across the fabric. Nothing fancy.

6 responses to “project bags!

  1. Knitting I can handle… but just THINKING about all that sewing makes my head hurt! *sigh It’s probably a skill I should acquire at some point, though.

    • I think everyone ought to be able to mend a seam or sew on a button – but those are no harder than darning a sock (another task some people hate)

      This kind of sewing is a great hobby – if you feel like you need another hobby…

  2. Nice! I wanted to participate in the swap so I could get some fabric out of my stash… but my sewing is more of the super basic drawstring bag type and I never cleaned off my desk so I could plug in the sewing machine! your project bag recipients will be very lucky!

  3. LOVE these! They came out great. (I really like the sunflower fabric too.)

    • I have, um, 4 different kinds of sunflower fabric in my stash… I might be a little obsessed…

      But I have enough of that pattern to make another project bag for myself! In fact it’s already cut and ironed, I just need to find time to assemble it.

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