Not a moment too soon

I’ve been steadily working through the winter book designs*. In fact, the designs have been done for awhile, but it’s tricky to get nice photo shoots in the winter time. The light available is so short, and often so cloudy. Snow is pretty, but you don’t really want to be shooting in a blinding snowstorm, I mean I had to photoshop flakes OUT of the Currant shoot. And I wouldn’t have taken an expensive DSLR out in that weather…

But putting a winter shoot off until March is risky. March can be our snowiest month, but with a little twist of fate it’s just as easily our muddiest month, and MUD isn’t very photogenic at all.

So it was with great relief that I got the final (outdoor) winter shoot scheduled for last Saturday. I headed out to the Northeast Kingdom – they always have the best snow. For this photo shoot, specifically for a ski inspired sweater:

nordic outtake
(ah, the blurry outtake – sorry that’s all I can give you for now!)

The shoot went perfectly. But it’s our timing that amazes me. Saturday we did the shoot, Sunday was nice, and the rain started monday evening. It’s been RAINING for 24 hours now. I don’t know what the kingdom looks like but I’m guessing it’s not so pretty anymore. I can tell you the 18-24″ of snowpack in my front yard is GONE. We’ve got a soggy few inches of slush, with peaks of mud and last year’s plants sticking through.

I’m glad we got that skiing shoot done last weekend. Because next weekend it’s gonna be mud season.

*In fact, I’m up to the fun bits now. I’m looking for a few more test knitters. I have three women’s sweaters, three different yarn weights, three different styles. Do you have a sweater sized hole in your knitting right now? Leave me a note!

7 responses to “Not a moment too soon

  1. If you’re still needing test-knitters, I’d be interested! I’m just about finished with the list of etsy orders I had and am looking for something new…

  2. I’m glad to hear that the shoot went well! By a weird twist of fate, I too was out doing a photoshoot in the snow. Although I had to drive 3 hours to get to it. Snow is really tough to shoot in.

    I can’t wait to see your official photos!

  3. Ooo – yes! Snow!! NEK! (Where, please? We used to live in Walden. I just got snuffly for it).

    If you cannot garner up enough testers, let me know and we can put a call-out over in my Rav group, or I’m glad to ask on my blog as well, okay?

  4. Ahh, the suspense! Can’t wait to see the book in all its finished glory!

  5. Yeah, the Kingdom has been getting pretty scruffy lately. Though we got several inches of snow yesterday that’s covering up the worst of it at the moment. I was just thinking the other day that this time of year is the only time that Vermont isn’t picture postcard perfect…

    • Yes, we’re getting around the scruffiness of March by focusing this month’s photo shoot on maple sugaring! Now if only it’d warm up enough for the sap to run…

  6. I could knit a cardigan as test knitter…

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