Moxy hat

Apparently all my writing skills are going into the book right now. I didn’t realize this until I sat down just now to write a blog post – and nothing came.

So I’ll leave you with a quick note. If you checked in about test-knitting: THANK YOU! I believe I’m all set for the moment. I believe I have gotten back in touch with everyone. And if you’re just now thinking test-knitting sounds like fun drop me a note. I’ll have more patterns needing testing in a few months (ha, assuming I get through the writing of them and the editing of these alive)

And secondly, look! Jake is wearing Moxy-cat as a hat.
moxy hat
Yeah, they love each other.

(See? Pets as blog content. Works every time.)


5 responses to “Moxy hat

  1. I’d be interested in future test knitting, I didn’t put my hand up for the current one as I have deadline knitting at the moment and knew I couldn’t manage both

  2. I love gray tabbies. The look on Moxy’s face is priceless (Jake’s too, but obviously he is willing to suffer to hang out on the couch with your DH.) :)

  3. Can’t wait for the next round of test knitting! We, your loyal followers, salute you… ;-)

  4. P.S. Gratuitous pet-filler is ALWAYS acceptable blog material. So cute.

  5. Wow, Jake is going gray!

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