Say thanks

I got the nicest email this morning from a knitter who just wanted to say how much she liked one of my sweater patterns. That moment of thoughtfulness has made my whole day better. So I decided to pass it along. I sent a quick email to a designer I admire to say thanks for her inspiring patterns. And that felt really good too!

That got me thinking about how easy it is to share the joy. So now I’m encouraging all of you to thank a designer. Whether you send a happy little email or a quick ravelry note it’ll only take a minute. Pick the designer who helped you create your favorite sweater. Or the person who offers that free pattern you’ve always liked. Maybe you can think of a designer who inspires you with something complex you hope to knit someday.

Whoever you think of first: I’m CERTAIN they’d appreciate a thank-you note, so don’t be shy!

2 responses to “Say thanks

  1. Awesome way to pay it forward. NICE!

  2. One of the best things I ever did was to write to an author whose books had given me a great deal of pleasure. . . got a lovely hand-written note back from her, too!

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