cheddar broccoli soup

With the change of seasons (astronomically anyway) I’m not going to do a soup and bread post every week. But we’re up for some record setting low temperatures today and tonight. So bring on the soup!

Cheddar broccoli is a classic. It’s also a great late-winter soup that I can make entirely with things I put up before. In fact, I use the broccoli stems from the ENORMOUS heads of broccoli my garden grows every year. They’re perfect because they don’t turn the soup quite so dark green, they’re really good for you, and using them up pleases the “waste not, want not” part of my brain.

cheddar and broccoli

I used this recipe, pretty much exactly as written. I added the broth right after the milk then the cheese afterward. But I don’t so much have a reason as I just wasn’t paying attention…

broccoli cheddar soup

I did sprinkle nutmeg on top. Nutmeg is a great complement to roux (that’s the butter/flour/milk thing) and cheese based dishes.

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