Iseult’s Dress

My newest pattern became available last friday. Iseult’s Dress is included in the book What (else) Would Madame Defarge Knit? (favorite and queue on Ravelry, as always)

iseult sleeves

That’s right. It’s my first pattern in a BOOK! The e-book version of WeWMDFK is available for download right now through Cooperative Press. You can order the print version now, it’ll be shipped just as soon as it gets back from the printers.

iseult wafting

I love working with Cooperative Press. Their model of publishing gives a percentage of sales to every author in this collection. This means we all have a real reason to hope you love our book. But I think we’d be hoping that anyway. This collection is a true labor of love. Along with designs inspired by classic literature the book includes essays, color photos, and the digital version includes live links and many other treats that just wouldn’t be possible with a standard print book.

iseult cable

The dress itself is one of my favorite designs. This pattern gave me my second opportunity to dress up as a princess for a photo shoot*.

iseult curvacious

But it doesn’t have to be worn with a chemise. It would be just a comfortable with leggings and tall boots. The shetland wool is springy and warm, but still breathable. And the springy factor means you can wear the knitted dress all day without developing saggy-butt.

iseult back view

If you love the design, but don’t want a dress that’s ok too. It’s worked from the top down, so you could simply knit it in sweater length. Likewise the sleeves could easily be made longer or shorter. Just keep trying it on until you’re happy!

iseult backlit

*but not the last opportunity, there’s another one in the works

7 responses to “Iseult’s Dress

  1. It’s a gorgeous dress, Becky. I really want something like that in my wardrobe right now.
    I also love that you used the words “princess” and “saggy-butt” in the same blog post.

  2. Um. I’m a wee bit embarrassed that I don’t know who Madame Defarge is. But your design is beautiful!

    • Mme. Defarge is a literary character who knit the names of the people she was going to kill into her projects! So the books are really just a collection of literary inspired knitting patterns. The trickiest part of this project (for me anyway) was writing an essay on my story. I had some serious flashbacks to AP english class!

  3. Becky, this is absolutely so wonderful on you. Firstly the colour is just beautiful, secondly the shape is wonderful and thirdly the styling of the design with the colour and the patterning on the chest and the the cable down to that deep wonderful hem. Finally and not least, you make a beautiful medieval princess, truly you look perfect in your design, your chemise, and your hair so smooth and sleek with that fantastic headband.standing in the snow with your background interest. It is just wonderful, a magic moment……..after months of hard work i would imagine. Congratulations, I love it!!! Hugs Margot

    • Aww, thank you! The chemise is actually my wedding dress! The circlet is from my wedding too. I’ve never really outgrown the urge to play dress-up!

      As for the castle tower: I’m just lucky vermont has so many cool places to take pictures!

  4. Love this! It’s absolutely gorgeous and the photos totally sell it for me!! :)

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