First baby FO

I feel confident saying this space isn’t going to be turning into a parenting blog or anything. But you’ll probably get a dose of baby here, just like you get a dose of everything else in my life.*

Since there’s no baby yet, we’ll start with the first baby sweater!

noro baby sweater

Yes, this is Noro. Yes, Neil and I have already worked out a method for distinguishing hand-wash baby items from machine-wash baby items. Yes, I know at least a few things will probably get felted anyway. I’ve accepted that… I think.
Also yes, I did go through and divide each color chunk in half so the sleeves would be identical.

noro baby raglan

This started out as me following a free pattern from a yarn company. The details will go unshared because there were fatal math errors on the first page which forced me to just wing the rest of the sweater. (Let’s just say that if you cast on 32, inc 8 stitches in the first row, then inc 10 stitches every other row, you will NEVER get to 146…)

noro baby cuff

So I knit the body until it looked good. Then I consulted the CYC charts for babies and knit 8.5″ sleeves to go with the 20″ body. And they looked way too long. Then I asked twitter and Joeli pointed out these comprehensive kids charts.

noro baby buttons

Sleeves too long. Lesson learned. But for this sweater I’m just going to fold the cuffs back. Oh, and I still need to decide which buttons I like best. I’m leaning towards the purple swirly ones at the top. What do you think?

*knitting, chickens, dogs, gardening, food, the twice a year cleaning of the coop… you know the drill!

12 responses to “First baby FO

  1. I like the brown one with the blueish color in the middle. your sweater looks nice and Im going to check out those charts. :) -Heather

  2. How cute is THAT?? I’m actually with Heather – the brown ones with the blueish color. Adorbs.

  3. I’m with the other two. I like the brown and blue buttons. They look so great with this adorable sweater!

  4. Vote number for for the brown ones with blue centers.

  5. Wonderful sweater! I always wound up knitting baby sleeves too long. Even 6″ would appear too short yet be too long. You’re doing the right thing — knit until they look good and fold back cuffs. The good thing is that a stretchy sweater can still fit nicely to the waist at a year old or so, and the sleeves will finally be just right!

  6. That’s a delight Becky, the colours are fabulous. I too am very interested in Baby stuff, as I can now tell you, I am going to be a Granny for the third time in Oct. :)

  7. Missed writing down my button choice. The one with the flat rim and the Blue centre is my choice :)

  8. I like the button mixture – one of each! goes with the multi-colored yarn.

  9. I also liked the brown with the bluish center.

  10. I like the sweater! I’m with the others in liking the brown and blue buttons, but I also kind of love the mixed-up look you have with all of the buttons right now :)

  11. Would just like to point out that this is much more a knitting post than a baby post. . . .

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