Mindless but pretty

I needed something really mindless to knit during a complicated class last week. It was the perfect excuse to cast on this crinkled (for now) little design that has been kicking around my brain for months.


Shhh, don’t tell the book that I’m designing something else! Seriously though, it’s simple enough that I wrote out the pattern in 30 minutes. And there’s no grading a stole! I should design more of them!!


It’s been great having something to knit while I fix math and typos and re-do charts on other book patterns as well. I may kick myself when I’m rushing through projects in May. But that’s future-Becky’s problem. Right now I’ll think I’ll go knit some more garter…

(ps, I’m going with the brown and blue buttons for that little baby sweater. It was a unanimous vote. You can’t all be wrong!)


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