It’s still a pretty cold spring up here in Vermont. It’s dropped below freezing every one of the last 4 nights. I wanted to put out spinach and broccoli seed this weekend, but the cold forecasted seemed too much for even those hardy little guys.

garlic sprouts

The garlic is brave though*. So are the daffodils,

daffodil buds

and the rhubarb is starting to think about spring too!

rhubarb crown

It’ll be here eventually. Next weekend I’ll start my squashes indoors. This means I spend the whole week daydreaming about garden arrangements and new veggies to try. I already bought leek seeds and shallot starts, those will be new this year…

*yes those are coals on the ground. It’s not for the garlic. That’s left over from last fall when the squash bugs were SO BAD that I threatened to BURN THEM WITH FIRE. Never let it be said that I make empty threats at garden pests.

One response to “Budding

  1. I’ll be interested to hear how you do with the leeks. I like them in a lot of things, so they might be on the list for next year here too.

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