I have a new pet project! Sourdough. My mom got a really nice starter from someone in her area, and she’s shared it with me. It has a lovely fresh-sour (does that make sense?) scent and bubbles along so happily

sourdough starter

I’m storing mine in the fridge so I only need to feed it once a week, but after being pointed to the recipes on King Arthur’s website (and in their bread books too) I don’t think I’ll have any problem using the starter that gets removed each time I feed it.


Last weekend I just made dough. Good, old-fashioned bread dough. I divided the starter, fed both halves, stuck one back in the fridge, and let the other bubble happily on above the wood stove. That evening I added flour and water, kneaded, and rolled out the dough.

rolled out

I put down a layer of caramelized onion and sausage, rolled the whole thing up stromboli style, and let it rise in a barely warmed oven.

stromboli ish


3 responses to “sourdough

  1. I love sourdough too! What a great idea to stick a meal’s worth in it too!

  2. oh i miss real sourdough bread… pesky gluten intolerance! that looks delightful! i love caramelized onions!

    • I would be SO SAD if I developed gluten intolerance. I feel the same way about lactose and dairy… I’m just gonna have to hope I don’t get either (or worse, both!)

      I mean, I like rice and potatoes. But what I like best is variety in my diet!

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