deep stash

What to do when you’re in the mood for a quick project on a lazy weekend? Stash-dive for the right materials! (note: I was filling a sewing craving, obviously) I’ve been saving this awesome fabric for years. I never knew what its purpose was, but it was too awesome to just give up on. This weekend it finally told me, it wants to be a baby blanket.

stash fabric and trim

I combined the cotton print with an old flannel sheet. The dogs tore the center of this old fitted sheet, but most of the fabric is still good. There’s plenty to back a good-sized baby blanket! Even the binding is from stash. I think it’s old, I have no guess where it came from…

stash binding

The blanket may be trimmed in blue, but I think between the unicorns and dragons, castles, wizards, sailing-ships, and trees this blanket will be fine for either a boy or girl.

This is the simplest blanket ever. I lined up the fabric wrong sides together, stitched three times across horizontally, and three times vertically making a grid. Then I put on the trim. The lines can best be described as straight-ish (I don’t like using pins). The final blanket is about 40×40 inches, kind of mid-weight, and the main feature is the fabric.

stash blanket corners

I have enough fabric left to make a set of nursery curtains. After that I may have enough left for another nursery project, we’ll see. I’m seriously considering painting a forest and castle mural in the nursery too! I may have discovered a theme…


3 responses to “deep stash

  1. Beautiful! Blankets with satin edges can be so expensive and every baby I know looooooves them!

  2. so pretty – I can imagine you in your medieval style sweater rocking and taking care of your little prince or princess in this room

  3. LOVE IT! Especially the unicorn. :) How fun!

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