Sunday was gorgeous

Sunday was gorgeous, 65F, breezy, and sunny. So why did all the laundry this weekend go through the dryer? Well you may ask… It’s because I’m forgetful, and not everything is perfect, even when we want it to be. My clothesline snapped the weekend before, not on the first load, but the second. And not right away, but it waited until I wasn’t looking. I wish if the thing were going to give up, it’d give me some advanced notice (this will become a running theme.)

Then I spent a week forgetting to pick up new line. On Sunday I thought hopefully to myself, “Self: it worked a little last week. What if we just tie some careful knots and try again?” I’d like to point out my knot-tying skills are pretty good! The knots themselves held up fine. The line also held up fine (for awhile). It showed no signs of breaking while I ratcheted it tight. It showed no signs of breaking while I carefully pinned a whole load of clothes up to dry. You can see where this is going, right? Of course, it waited until I was done to snap a second time, thoughtfully dropping all my clean laundry onto the ground.

So I have to ask? What do other people do? Do you actually take your line down in the winter so it doesn’t weather as much? Do you also go through the process of replacing a clothesline every other year? Is there some magical clothesline string that doesn’t break with age??

7 responses to “Sunday was gorgeous

  1. Our line is detachable – it’s got hooks on each end and my dad screwed rings into the trees so we just unhook it after we take the clothes down. I’m sure it saves on weathering!

  2. I take my cloths line down between loads. If I didn’t I would run into it all the time. But I actually enjoy taking it down and winding it around and tie ing the ends off. I have a big brass hook shaped like a duck head just inside the basement door where I hang the rope and the pin bag between loads.

  3. Our line is retractable. I think we got it at Lehmans. So, I only pull it out when I’m using it and it spends the rest of the year in it’s plastic rolly thing. Though, the part that wraps around the break is starting to get worn out after 2 years, so I think I’m just going to retie the hook further up the line and a different part of the cord will be used as the brake.

  4. My line breaks all the time. I replaced the line last year with cord sold/used for camping. The thin stuff you can get for about $10 for 50 yds from rei and it is holding up much better!! I strongly recommend it.

  5. We also have a retractable line. In our backyard there are a couple of metal trees that are supposed to have clotheslines strung between them, but the woods have grown up around them so much we just got a retractable one and put it closer to the house.

  6. Ours is actually airplane cable (wire), so mostly it just needs a tightening after the winds of late winter/spring. I think it must have been/must be coated since it’s not rusting – although we have a much less damp climate than you do!

  7. I haven’t replaced mine since Pa put up the new one – three years ago, I think? But it’s 3/8 inch rope, not “clothesline.”

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