spring gardening

I’ve finally gotten seeds in the ground! It feels late, when in reality I’m just about on time. I planted green and red leaf lettuces, spinach, and snap peas. All four (hopefully) should sprout in the next week of pleasant weather. And if we get some chilly nights in May* none of them will be killed off.


I tilled the earth, planted the seed, admired my work, and then realized we have NO rain forecast for the whole week. So I got out this little turtle sprinkler. This cute guy covers a circle about 5 or 6 feet across. That’s all the coverage I need at the moment.

This year’s combination planting is just rows of lettuce and other short leafy greens in between the rows of garlic. The garlic did great between sweet corn two years ago. It did ok between the squash, but was really hard to harvest. This year I’m figuring the leafy greens will be small enough that they won’t out-compete the garlic.

*keeping in mind my last frost date is in June…


One response to “spring gardening

  1. Love the sprinkler!

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