Happy bloodroot

YOU GUYS! Let me show you my bloodroot flowers!


This may be my biggest gardening success. Not my showiest plant by any means. Bloodroot comes up early in the spring, blooms for just a day or three, and even the leaves are gone by the start of June.

But bloodroot is HARD to grow. First it can be hard to find the plants. They’re endangered, so you don’t want to just go digging them up in the woods. And they’re hard to grow from seed. Each flower produces just one (so it’s kinda surprising that you can buy the seed). And the internet tells me the seeds germinate best when ants carry them down under ground. Then it’s hard to find a place that makes them happy. They need sun in the spring to bloom, but shade is better once the blooms are done. They like a decent amount of moisture. Oh, and they hate to be disturbed, so you need a quiet corner of the garden.

edge of the woods

So how did this happen? As far as I can tell it’s pure luck. I mean, I did pick a quiet corner of a shady patch of my garden, near a willow. I figured that was the best possible site for them. My rhizome came from mom’s little patch of bloodroot in NH. When I put it in the ground 4 years ago it had 3 or 4 flowers. This year I have TWENTY. So it must be happy, right?

2 responses to “Happy bloodroot

  1. Congratulations!

  2. They MUST be – and oh so lovely!

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