first harvest

If you had asked me about green garlic last year at this time I’d have said that I’d NEVER plant enough garlic to harvest some of it green. But then I lost several plants in among the squash last summer, and this year they happily sprouted – far to crowded for each clove to grow into a new bulb.

green garlic

So tonight we had a stir fry of green garlic, mushrooms, and fresh spinach. The wonderful thing about green garlic is you can eat the whole plant. From the tiny white bulb at the bottom all the way to the tips of the green stem – the whole thing is a fresh, light version of dry garlic. If you were the early-spring localvore type these would be PERFECT in a stir fry with fiddleheads, asparagus, and dandelion greens. But since my garden has given me exactly ONE stem of asparagus I’m gonna stick to mushrooms for now…


3 responses to “first harvest

  1. Cool! I just got my first garlic (and ramps too!) to plant and I’m so excited. That looks like a good variety to have for sure.

    • Excellent! Ramps are delicious, kind of garlicy actually :-)

      Garlic is easy to grow, but it does have to be weeded very carefully, or grown with a ground cover. It doesn’t like root competition, and it took me a few years of failed garlic to figure that out…

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