The chickens have been LOVING the recent spate of sunny weather. The grass and other plants are green and tasty. The bugs are out, the dust baths are dusty. Really, what more could a chicken ask for?

spring barred rock

I love watching these ladies, they’re better than TV (although some days that’s not hard).


I’m a bit sad that we have no chicks this spring. But it’s for the best. Neil and I agreed that trying to process meat birds when I’m 7 or 8 months pregnant would not be a brilliant plan if we could avoid it. My mom agreed, so my parents ordered some extras this year to make up the difference.

old roo

And we have no layer chicks either. The addition of 5 young hens last fall means we have an ABUNDANCE of eggs right now.

eight eggs a day

We’ve gotten 16 in the last two days. I’m probably eat 3 eggs a day but we just can’t keep up with them! It’s a good problem to have, mostly.

3 responses to “poultry

  1. Hmm… I see angel food cake (lots of egg whites) and custard (lots of yolks) in your future… ;-) Add some fruit and you’ll have the makings of a trifle!

  2. I saw a blurb somewhere if you use a muffin tin, crack the eggs individually into them, then bake, you can pop them out, and freeze them individually for things like breakfast sandwiches, where you can just reheat and throw on some cheese and an English muffin (or over hashbrowns, etc.) Haven’t tried this, but at least you might be able to have some once production slows a bit without having to eat them for every meal…..

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