book progress, of a sort

We have a book photo shoot planned, not this weekend but the next. We’re hoping to do food photography for five or six recipes… My co-author has been assisting, and learning from, a pro. She has an indoor light setup and everything! So with any luck we’ll get some excellent shots*

We’re also hoping to shoot THREE knitting patterns. I seem to have slept through most of my first trimester and I admit I’m a bit behind on the book projects right now (my test knitters would probably agree). This should get me almost caught up with where I should be. Almost, because it’ll get the knitting caught up through April (which is almost like May)

The food is best photographed in groups, because when you go through the process of cleaning the kitchen, setting up the lighting, and prepping the food – you might as well do a bunch of recipes at once. I know there are designers who take the same approach to photographing knitwear. They get one model, two or three outfits and a few locations and run through the shots for an entire book, right? I guess so, but I’ve never done knitwear shots that way…
But the hardest part is both garments are knit in my size. Wait, correction: the size I used to be before I was pregnant… So now we need a model who’s my other size, give or take, and we need her to be free that planned weekend…

I’m sure it’ll all come together. I mean, we got that maple vest done (it only took 4 tries) how hard can this be?

*I think her photography was pretty awesome even before she started learning from the pros. I’m not nearly as worried as she is.

One response to “book progress, of a sort

  1. Y’all will get it done. I know it. (But yeah… knitting all of that and trying to get it photographed and ready to go out the door – oof! LOTS of work and planning!!)

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