A weekend and a half

Over the weekend Calley and I shot SEVEN finished recipes and three knitting designs. We took well over a thousand pictures and I put more than 350 miles on my car.

But it was worth it! Partly because Vermont in spring looks like this:

Seriously, even the interstate is pretty.

Also worth it because our food photos look nothing like this:
behind the scenes

That’s just the angled view I had while holding reflectors and black boards and other lighting props.

Calley is amazing at setting up food shots. She had sketches in advance and knew the layouts and angles she wanted. The studio is in a spare bedroom at the farmhouse. Between their kitchen and the bits and bobs Calley and I collected we had plenty of props.

I learned so much about product photography. It’s a completely different world from modeled knitwear. Studio shots involve lots of lighting tweaks, reflectors for fill light, black boards for increasing contrast, and diffusers to cut shadows. I learned how to use them all (at least a little). And since the food doesn’t move you can take a photo with a 2 second shutter speed and get gorgeously crisp images (try doing THAT with a model) We’re certainly not as fast as the professional food photographers. But I think our amateur shots look just as good, even if it takes us twice as long to get there.

I’m happy to report that the food in this book is all real. We did not resort to tricks like adding glue to milk, or shellacking anything. Although Calley did spit-polish the radishes at one point…

And the star of this show? The reason we HAD to do at least two shoots this weekend?

They arrived in full force and on schedule. Thanks mother nature!


One response to “A weekend and a half

  1. Woot! A VERY productive weekend it sounds like – you guys rock!

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