I took a bit of a baby interlude between book designs. Ok ok, the booties happened mid-design. But I swear it was just a weekend fling!

baby knitting

Tiny knits are fun, they go so fast! I knit (what I hope is) a newborn hat in about 4 hours flat.

leaf hat

It’s the Woodcutter’s Baby, a cute little free pattern with corners! I think they’re adorable. And knit out of Manos silk/merino blend it is soft enough for any baby’s skin.

And the booties? They’re moc-a-socks. Technically I followed that infant pattern, but I didn’t get gauge. Not even close. I figure baby will grow into them. In the mean time I might make another set because they’re just so adorable!

moc booties

I absolutely love that they look like little shoes. But they have sock cuffs so a baby can’t kick them off. Babies don’t really need real shoes anyway.


One response to “interlude

  1. I love the booties! And the little corners on the hat are adorable :)

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