We took a tour of New England this weekend. That wasn’t really the point, but it’s as good an explanation as any! Saturday parts of Vermont were under water and the rain was still coming down. But we were on the road by 6:45am headed to Maine for a wedding!

Neil was driving, and of course I was knitting. Somewhere in western Maine I finished the body of a tiny baby sweater, only to discover I’d left my dpns at home. That’s how the embroidery started…

perpernum embriodery

The wedding was beautiful, even if they did have to move it inside. Our friends are farmers and so everyone there agreed that rain on a wedding day is good luck, not a problem.

Our next stop (because Neil is awesome and enabling) was Knit Wit in Portland where I picked up an extra set of dpns (whew). Then we headed to Fort Williams where the continuing rain just made standing on cliffs overlooking the stormy ocean feel more stoic.

Fort Williams

From there we met up with Neil’s friend, then my friends. The next day we swung through Massachusetts for dinner (you know, because we clearly needed 4 states in 3 days) Finally we visited my family in NH on Monday.

Yes, I finished the tiny baby sweater (more details to come.)

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