Where were we?

I’m not really clear on what happened to this week. I remember coming home from Maine… Then Neil and I both came down with the nastiest head/chest/throat germ I’ve had in years. Now I’m surfacing at the end of the week to find my dishwasher full of soup bowls and my knitting needles strangely empty.

garter and lace

I haven’t had the energy for much knitting at all, and certainly no energy for casting on the next book project. I haven’t even been able to pick buttons for my little baby sweater. There’s been a tiny amount of garter stitch going on, and a lot of napping on the couch. I vaguely remember a stockinette swatch, but haven’t got the mental energy to check the gauge, nevermind write the next book pattern.

So hopefully the fact that I’m here means I really am on the mend. The goal this weekend is to finish putting in the garden, so I’d like to have more energy by then please!


4 responses to “Where were we?

  1. Hoping you are on the fast-track to feeling better!

  2. Joining the chorus of ‘feel better soon!’ And hoping that buckets of energy come your way.

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