My life lies in rows

I (finally) had a weekend at home. We worked in the garden, went canoeing in the heat of the day, and built a new flower bed.

in rows

Most of what you can see in the garden is still just garlic, lettuces, and peas. But I love how pretty the rows look. I’ve planted rows of leeks, cabbage, carrots, and beets west of the pea trellises*. Soon there will be more pretty rows! I’ve finally accepted that I should plant broccoli and brussel sprouts from starts because it’s too late for seeds. They’re in the garden now too.
That whittles down the to-plant list leaving squashes, tomatoes, and green beans.

Meanwhile the fruits are looking happy this year. Our scruffy front acre is setting bloom for another crazy harvest of blackberries. The plum trees didn’t get pinched by frost. And look:

grape buds

I think these are tiny grape buds!

*the snap peas I grow only get about 3′ tall. I discovered completely by accident that the love trellising up tomato cages!


4 responses to “My life lies in rows

  1. Hoping to add some fruit here next year. Grapes! (Do you have those on a wire trellis or fence, or up on an arbor?)

    • The grapes are growing up the fence at the north side of my veggie garden with their roots between the strawberry bed and the lawn – it’s the perennial edge of my garden. Right now it’s just metal T posts and chicken wire. But I suspect I’ll need to put in wooden trellis as the vines get more established.

  2. Looks lovely! I wish I had the space for more than tomatoes and peppers.

    • Yeah, once you move into leafy greens and root veggies they really do need space. Although when I lived in an apartment I did grow lettuce in a strawberry planter with decent success.

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