going home sweater

It’s important for babies to have an outfit to wear home from the hospital right? So I figured my baby needs a little sweater. And what better pattern than Perpernum? Even the name is right!

(Going home sweater on Ravelry)

For some reason I cast on this sweater thinking I’d knit it in a day. Well, it actually took a whole weekend (with a fair amount of co-piloting and knitting) But that’s still pretty quick!


I trimmed it in the same green merino/silk blend as the leaf hat I knit earlier. In fact, I’m thinking the two can be a going home set! The odd bit there is that both are designed by Kelly Brooker – and I totally didn’t plan it that way. In fact, I didn’t even realize it until I started knitting this little sweater and thought to myself “gee, this layout looks familiar” Yup. I recognized her by her font and pattern style.

perpernum embroidery

Isn’t the embroidery adorable?! I wanted a little flower, but decided to use a spiral because it’s a little less standard. I love the bright colors of this for a baby. Pastels are pretty, but babies like bright colors more, right? This yarn is Edna, a DK from Dirty Water Dyeworks. It’s a silk/polworth blend so, like the hat, the sweater should be soft enough for a newborn.


Even the inside of my embroidery is pretty neat. I guess all this practice I’m getting is actually improving my skills!


5 responses to “going home sweater

  1. Adorable … going home in style!

  2. A very adorable sweater. The little spiral flower is just so cute, great job!

  3. This sweater is so totally adorable that I’m going to “copy” if for the first of my daughters (my actual daughters’ best friends) to have a BABY, baby. Does that make sense? I could try to restate that in actual English…
    Anyway. It is adorable and a perfect go home outfit!

  4. SO super cute. Love love love it – especially the little multicolored yarn embroidery!

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