slow progress

I made slow but steady progress this weekend. I edited photos for TWO sweater patterns (both winter patterns, because of how I am still playing catch-up) I formatted one of them into final book layout. I drafted another one. And that was all just on Saturday! Progress is good.

berry sneak peak

I love how the camera decided the hot cocoa was clearly the important part of this shot…

4 responses to “slow progress

  1. I love that you’re drinking hot cocoa in June (while editing a winter pattern, of course)

    • That was actually in May, and it was pretty toasty compared to June’s weather so far! But hot chocolate makes any scene look wintry. We also removed all the seed starting supplies and pulled hats and mittens out of storage to hang on the drying rack behind the rocking chair.

  2. The camera clearly then is also a sentient being. :)

    • Well I was shooting on Auto mode, so there were a few shots where it did it’s own thing. But for the indoor lighting the camera was way smarter about it’s settings than I was…

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