My garden is (FINALLY) almost all set. The beans are planted. The tomatoes and squashes are started. Really the only thing still to do is put those little guys out into the garden once they’re big enough.

I even planted the sunflowers along the edge of my whole garden. Actually it’s going to be more of a sunflower spiral because they’re along three fenced edges, then the strawberry patch, then in a line down the center. I wanted to use up the seed and apparently there was a lot in that packet…


Moxy cat helps me whenever I go in the garden. She always sits outside the fence and waits for me to lift her in. Then she patrols the fence, rubs against the tomato cages, and curls up in a corner to watch me. It’s funny to me, because I’ve never had a cat that SO wanted to be with me that she’d be willing to be fenced in…

caught napping

Guarding the garden is such a tough job.

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