There’s a lot of new work out in our yard. We have a new flower bed which Neil and I put in during the hottest weekend so far this summer. Yeah, moving stones in the heat sure was fun. This bed fills in the gap where stumps were pull out (um, 4 years ago) FINALLY.

flower bed

I wish I had a “before” photo. It was a mess. No topsoil, and the exposed subsoil was about 8″ down from the lawn. Neil placed the rocks first (he’s really good at setting stones so they don’t shift) then we filled in with horse manure. We mixed that into the subsoil to make something almost like good garden dirt. I planted my gladiolus* here this year. There’s chicken wire under the mulch to keep the chickens from digging everything up. Although it doesn’t keep them from kicking the extra manure into the garden and over the stones…

stepping stones

Neil put some pretty stones in around my whiskey barrel garden as well! Did I mention he’s good at stonework?

garden path

But of course I decided to put this garden path in without him… It is, shall we say, a little more loosely set. No matter how I arrange my garden, every year I have a path here. Then I have to weed the path constantly. I think the stones will be a big improvement, especially if I plant thyme or something in between. The tomatoes will go in that bed above the path this year. But eventually I suspect the perennials will spread into that space. It’s under a little maple tree, and I doubt the tree will stay little forever…

*the gladiolus collection which is trying to TAKE OVER THE WORLD. Seriously, anyone want some?

5 responses to “Stonework

  1. Lisa-Marie haugmoen

    If you have lots of gladiolus I would love some. My store bought one died out. I’m not too pleased about that!
    On another note,my little knits are ready to send to you!! :.))
    I’ll contact you later for details and pictures ( or do you want to be surprised?).

    • Oh I’m so excited! I’d love to see pictures!

      And I’m happy to mail you some glads, I dig them up every fall (they don’t overwinter very well out here because of the freezing temperatures) and I always have more than I planted…

  2. Trade you some world-dominating irises for some glads, lol

  3. Fun. Gardening is so joyful but hard work. I love the idea of thyme between your stones, such a wonderful smell.

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