Cheating on the crust

I have this trick I use All. The. Time. for quick and tasty pie crust. I would have sworn I found it someplace common like the Joy of Cooking, but then people are always so surprised when I explain it. So let me share it with you, in case you’re also looking for the fastest pie crust ever.

The trick is to skip the whole rolling out step. I will warn you this crust isn’t going to win any awards on looks. And it’s just not feasible if you need a top crust. But for things like quiche and open faced pies? It’s perfect.

crust mix

Use your favorite pie crust recipe. I often just wing it because the amounts are waaay less important here. I start with a handful or two of flour and a few tablespoons of butter. Oh, and a pinch of salt. Cut them all together (a fork works if you don’t have a pastry cutter)

Then add some cold water. Enough to make it stick together. If it’s a bit stickier or warmer than usual, no worries. Because we’re not rolling it out!

crust dough

Make the dough into a sort of flat-ish ball and drop it right into your pie plate. Sprinkle flour as needed to keep it from sticking to your hands. Start at the center and press it out toward the edges.

crust center

Keep going, press the dough UP the edges. Try and keep the thickness consistent. But if you’ve got a thin patch, or you run out of dough before you reach the edge of the pie plate just tear a little off somewhere else and mush it into place.

crust edges

And that’s all. I kid you not, this really works. It doesn’t stick to the pie plate after baking. It does bake all the way through. It is a little less flaky than rolled pie pastry, but it also never gets over-handled and glutenous. (Also, really easy to do with non-wheat flour. If that’s what you’re baking with)

crust ingredients

Add some ingredients, bake, and you’re set! Home made pie crust, minus the fuss.

crust quiche

2 responses to “Cheating on the crust

  1. I love this…thanks for the tip!

  2. I do this a lot also! Pretty much any time I make pie or quiche, unless I want the end result to look fancy :)

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