on the needles

Let’s be honest. I have a lot on the needles. This is just a partial list…

First, what I SHOULD be knitting: It’s a skirt. It’s lacy and fun and the yarn is Rambouliette from Knitted Wit AND Sincere Sheep. It’s for the book, it’s on deadline. It also isn’t holding my interest, but of course that’s what happens with deadline knitting.

Instead I’ve knit this:


Yup it’s a garter… It went to a bridal shower as a silly little gift along with a gift card to a local, indie lingerie store.


And I’ve knit this!

newborn vanilla

No, not a funny hat with ears. These are soakers in soft Plymouth tweed, size tiny newborn. This is the Vanilla pattern aka the THIRD thing I’ve knit by Kelly Brooker. She knows what she’s doing to fit these tiny babies. She knows baby shaping and style far better than I! (but I’m learning)

And I’m half way through this:

jackie blocking

It’s a pillbox hat. I’m knitting Jackie from Hats Couture (yay cooperative press!) but I think I’ll be embellishing with more of a Grace flair. I love hats, I look good in hats. I think having some accessory hats in my wardrobe is a brilliant plan. Especially since I have a limited wardrobe and a number of weddings to attend. You may remember sewing a dress was a bit of a disaster… I’m looking forward to the embellishments most of all! But right now it’s so humid the poor hat has been blocking for 4 days and STILL isn’t dry…


3 responses to “on the needles

  1. Baby knits are so cute. FYI – I had a friend who had a baby several months ago… I knat her a bunch of baby socks and she said mine were the only ones that stayed on baby’s feet. Here’s the pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/closeknits-striped-baby-boots

  2. That’s my plan usually – lots to do? Cast on something else. :) LOVE the hat – that color will be gorgeous on you.

    • Thanks! I think the weekend spent finishing little things was exactly what I needed. And now I don’t resent working on the skirt on the bus every day!

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