food and flowers

I’m scatterbrained these days. All over the place. I feel like I’ve got a million things going on at once. Really it’s probably just 5 or 10, but still that’s more than enough. So here’s two random things that make me happy.

blueberry sourdough coffee cake

Blueberry sourdough coffee cake. This is a classic example of putting a few too many things into a single recipe. There’s honey and almonds in the topping, along with the obvious (blueberries and sourdough starter) Still it was pretty tasty. None of it went to waste, that’s for certain!

Next is my rose bush. This baby needs to be pruned back (again) as it’s grown from VW bug to VW bus size (again.) But the bees and native pollinators love it, and so do I.

rose and bee

This fall I really need to prune my rose bush, my lilac shrubs, and my grapes… Think I can do all that with a newborn in tow?

One response to “food and flowers

  1. You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish with a good baby carrier!
    I think my rose is headed to meet yours…

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