The hat makes the outfit

It wasn’t that many decades ago when women never left the house without a proper hat. I think this is a tradition that could be brought back, at least some of the time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably better that I don’t wear a hat to work. The only headgear that’s really appropriate in a lab would be a hair net…

jackie hat

But for social gatherings? A hat can really complete your outfit. At the May wedding we attended I brought a big sun hat (which also served well to keep the rain off as we dashed from the car to the building.) But for last weekend’s wedding I stepped it up a notch to this pillbox hat:


I wish I had a photo of the whole outfit, but I had a bad case of camnesia AND my phone was on the fritz. So this is what you get.

The hat is the Jackie pattern from Hat Couture. I think I love this whole book! The fascinater is more Grace inspired, but I wanted the hat to fit and stay properly without needing combs or hat pins.

Theressa Silver did a great job writing this book. Some hats are simple to knit, others more complex. But she also includes directions and tips for the decorations! Decorating the hat was at least as much fun as knitting it for me. But if you’re uncertain about creating the bits and bobs, or you don’t have an extensive ribbon and lace stash (I’ve finally found a use for the leftover bits from crazy sewing projects past!) she has plenty of guidance on finding materials and creating these things.


I’ll be making at least one more for the next wedding coming up at the end of July…

One response to “The hat makes the outfit

  1. LOVE this – how stylish and how fun!

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