food photo shoot

Food photography weekends are long, but very rewarding. Calley has been working just as hard at the recipes for our upcoming book as I have on the knitting patterns. But it’s very different work (less yarn, for instance)

I’m out of the house at 6:30 to get to the farm with the whole day still ahead. But Calley doesn’t get to sleep in either. This past weekend she was up early getting dough kneaded and rising.

By 8am we’re out in the garden picking ingredients for the photos


Calley has already assembled a list of the recipes we’re shooting that day, and the shots and angles she thinks will work best. Sometimes we mix things up, but it’s important to have a plan

shoot planning

Just like knitwear we spend a LOT of time going over all the little details of these photos. White background or blue? Or maybe canvas? What highlights the red in those tomatoes? How do we tackle the grease on the burgers so they still look appetizing*? Which twine goes best with this parchment paper?

string choices

The photo studio is an awesome setup, but one you’d never expect to find, on a narrow dirt road, in the back of a little vermont town, you go up a narrow farmhouse staircase

studio stairs

And find this

studio setup

Props, background boards, tables, chairs, vases, black cloth, white cloth, fancy photogaphy lights and diffusers and cameras – oh my!

When we started discussing this book Calley was taking some really excellent amature food photography. But in the last year she’s worked side by side with a couple of pros from the field. And you know what? Her photos are amazing now! I cannot WAIT for you to see what we’ve got in store for this book.

studio shooting

*answer: blot them with a tissue. Grease can be blotted on and blotted off…

One response to “food photo shoot

  1. Wonderful; I love the fly on the wall experience. Thank you so much from France.

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