Coming soon!

Do you remember this little feather and fan beauty? It was an earworm (brainworm?) sort of design that refused to leave my head until I cast on.


It’s ok if you don’t, my Ravelry notes say I started it way back in April. This stole was the perfect project for conference knitting. And it filled in quite a bit as mindless knitting while I polished book patterns.

pinned out

I wove in the ends over two weeks ago, pinned it out to block, and have been too busy to get back to it! I finally unpinned it today so that I can wear it to a wedding* this weekend.

rolled up

If all goes as planned I’m hoping to get photos on location, my friend has chosen a gorgeous location. The pattern is headed to the tech editor next week. With any luck I’ll actually have this little indie design released before autumn…

*Yes, this is the third wedding I’ve attended this summer. No, it’s not the last!


4 responses to “Coming soon!

  1. It’s beautiful! Looks simple but lovely.

    (Today was the third wedding this summer that I’ve missed because all my friends are still in Tennessee and I’m now in Michigan… does that count?)

  2. Saw your Designer threads pics on Rav – Love it and you look ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!

    • Aww, thanks! I was getting all dressed up and going to a beautiful location for a friend’s wedding. I’m just glad we managed to sneak in the shoot between the ceremony and reception!

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