I had another busy weekend with a wedding (gorgeous) camping (relaxing) and we squeezed in another book photo shoot (productive) but it does leave me tired on the week days. I think I need to learn to slow down…

But instead I’ve been going to a conference these last three days. I’ve taken my knitting, as I’m sure you could guess. I managed to knit more than 600 yards in the last three days and the garment which I cast on last sunday is more than half done!

And I’ve learned something important about linen yarn.

(Quince & co’s Sparrow, birch colorway if you’re curious)

Handwinding is very much better than the ballwinder and skein. Linen simply doesn’t have the bounce of wool. Thus it doesn’t get wound too tightly by hand, but it also doesn’t fill in that gap in the center of the ballwinder cake. Instead it just collapses, and makes a bit of a mess…


2 responses to “linen

  1. Make a Ball Sack. It will hold your cakes together as you pull from the center.

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