New stole pattern!

You all know how much I’ve been looking forward to this! I finally have a new pattern to share!

ondulation hero

It’s the Ondulation stole! As always you can read the details and buy the PDF on Ravelry. This stole is designed using two different yarns, a semi-solid and a gradient yarn. They’re actually different weights as well. I think there’s a lot of possibility here for substituting yarns and using up scraps. I cover some options on the pattern page.

ondulation hand perspective

This shawl has been in progress since April, which is a LONG time for me to release such a simple design. But you know my excuse: that whole book project thing.

ondulation front cropped

Don’t get me wrong, I love my book patterns, I just don’t love waiting to show them off. Nothing about indie designing could be considered instant gratification. I have to make the design fit around other deadlines, I have to wait on other’s schedules for photos, editing, and even my own schedule can make it hard to find time for layout and editing.

ondulation side view

But once it’s all done there’s no waiting around for publication! And one of the great things about the internet is feedback. That really is instant gratification.


3 responses to “New stole pattern!

  1. Karen Berthine

    Lovely – is that a feather & fan pattern?

  2. Very pretty! Using a gradient yarn adds such interest and softens the effect of the feather and fan. The two together are wonderful. Will purchase now!

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