Fall garden

Every year when september rolls around I try to plant a fall garden. You know what? September is too late for fall plantings up here! This year I seem to have learned my lesson. I’m not claiming to have smartened up, it’s due to a combination of factors which essentially boil down to this: I have the space right now.

fall garden tools

I didn’t plant sweet corn this year and I have just 3 (small, unlikely to produce at this point) tomato plants. The garlic and shallots have been harvested, Neil pulled the pea vines, and the lettuce went milky and bitter about 10 days ago.*

So that leaves me with a great swath of bare soil above the squashes and below the broccoli. I planted 10 short rows of TEN different crops. Tiger eye bush beans (55 days to harvest), more string-less snap peas (60), red lettuce (30-45), green lettuce (52), spinach (45), chard (25-50), pak choy (25-50), broccoli/broccoli raab** (48/45), carrots (50), and beets (45).

fall garden time

Assuming we get good germination and growth before it gets cold many of these plants will happily hang out in the garden until the first snows cover them. If we’re lucky I hope to be harvesting chard, carrots, and spinach right up to thanksgiving!

We’ll see how they each do and decide what gets added to the regular fall garden rotation.

*honestly, we’re surprised it lasted through the heat wave at all.
**ok yes, that’s technically two different plants, but they’re sharing a row.

One response to “Fall garden

  1. You direct planted broccoli from seed? Will be interested to hear how it goes . . . (grows)

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