the other WIP

It’s not really time for any sort of baby-watch. I’m just now 33 weeks along. For those of you who prefer months I like to say that’s 8 months – with the caveat that you must remember that most women are actually pregnant for the whole 4 weeks of the 9th month. It’s not like you hit 9 and you’re done…

week 33

Baby should make her appearance sometime in the start of October. I love that my hospital refers to “due month” instead of “due day” it’s much more realistic.

In the mean time I still feel pretty great. I’ve recently hit the point where getting in and out of chairs is tricky, but other than that I’m still doing well. The midwife tells me I’m her healthiest patient and the nurses all complain that I make their jobs too easy.

I’ll take it.

In the mean time Neil and I have started the fun parts of getting ready for baby. We’ve gotten some nice baby furniture (a pretty floral dresser at a yard sale for $5!!) and we’re teaching the cats to stay out of the bassinet.

And I’m knitting for baby in every “spare” moment I have.


More on the knitting later!

8 responses to “the other WIP

  1. Cutest pregnant woman ever! And yeah, my girl was a full two weeks late, and that was only because they finally got sick of waiting around and spent four days inducing me. Labor’s stressful enough without the continued countdown at the end.

    • Aww, thanks! And yeah, I’m glad I won’t have a countdown. The hospital has already said that when we hit “due date” they’re not going to push induction as long as baby is healthy they’ll just monitor her status.

  2. Lisa-Marie Haugmoen

    Awww! You being healthy is brilliant! So the baby is a girl! Your Neil was right! I love the T-shirt with WIP! You should sell those for others who are knitters who have WIP!

    • Neil was right! Saying he’s ecstatic is an understatement ;-) The WIP shirt is actually from the Ravelry store, so anyone can have one! I think I bought mine before I’d gotten to two months. I wore it to knit night as a way to announce to all my knitting friends!

  3. Hooray for you and congratulations!! I was hoping to see you at Tunbridge but maybe not lol

    • We will see! I have all the fall fiber festivals on my calender, but probably won’t decide if I’m going or not until friday night. Or maybe saturday morning…

  4. That’s all really great news! You look fantastic – and it’s wonderful to hear she’s doing great too whilst percolating. :)

  5. Good luck with the cats! We gave up, once our cat demonstrated that he didn’t want to climb into an occupied bassinet. And I confess that sometimes it’s nice for the bassinet to be pre-warmed…

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