Wee Ambrosia

Another baby sweater! The pattern is Wee Ambrosia by Gudrun Johnston.

wee ambrosia 2

I love it! Love love love. It’s Peace Fleece, and these colors* are closer to aran than worsted weight, so they worked perfectly as a sub for the Osprey yarn.

wee ambrosia back

The pattern is supposed to have a hood. I wanted a hood. But then I ran out of the MC yarn halfway through knitting the hood. Rather than trying to track down more I just left the sweater with a square collar, it’s all good!

wee ambrosia yoke

Oh yeah, the two color thing. It worked perfectly! The garter trim part is easy, but the two color yoke isn’t really hard either. The hexagon stitch pattern is done with slipped stitches. To work it in two colors you simply need to carry both yarns for all rows where those slipped stitches are knit. Conveniently they’re always done in pairs so you can just carry the MC up the edge and work it into the rows where it’s needed.

wee ambrosia

Taking pictures of this gorgeous woolly sweater in summer is kinda odd. This one has a 22″ body, so it’s more of a 12ish (?) month size? Maybe? We’ll see! I’m sure it’ll fit our little girl at some point. And since Neil and I were SHIVERING** while watching the Perseid meteor shower earlier this week I know she’ll get a chance to use the sweater, whatever season it is.

*Peace Fleece gauge can vary depending on the color, the dye process apparently affects the final yarn.
**Vermont: Where at least once in August it’ll be cold enough for a sweater. (or every morning, depending on the year)


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